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Similarly to Android, sliding from the top of the screen exposes quick settings and notifications.

Fire OS also provides integration with Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

While the Kindle Fire line has always used customized distributions of Android, particularly 2.3.3 (API level 10) (Kindle Fire) and 4.0.3 (API level 15) (Fire HD), Amazon only began referring to the distribution as Fire OS beginning with its third iteration of Kindle Fire tablets, which includes the Fire HD 2nd generation and Fire HDX models.

Unlike previous Kindle Fire models, whose operating system is listed as being "based on" Android, the Fire HDX "Fire OS 3.0" operating system is listed as being "compatible with" Android; Fire OS 3 is forked from Android 4.2.2, (API level 17).

We have all the old favorites, albeit a little updated (with even more updates in the near future).

If you are confused in any way or have a question you must try out the "Help" section where a set of instructions reside that you'll be able to read, as well as a couple of Frequently Asked Questions, and a dedicated comments section where you can ask, or even help out with other people's queries. PS3 jailbreak too does the same, it lets you install custom packages. Jailbreaking is all about installing 3rd party software, that are officially not allowed. Check out this video from Geohot showing the PS3 jailbreak and installing of the test package. Your PS3 will update it’s firmware, beep 4 times, and then shut down. When you power up your PS3 (switch on the console), it will be jailbroken! Thanks to Stealth Bravo for the above jailbreak guide. Once again you need a USB pen drive, so plug it into your Computer and copy the file you downloaded in Step 1 into the root of your USB stick. Jailbreaking PS3 has opened up the doors, so we need to wait and see what all custom packages are going to be out.All this new experience was created for you over the summer by the Start3rs.