– (SURVEY)- The areas within the mean high-water lines of a lake, stream or river which are kept practically bare of vegetation from year to year by the wash of the waters; although parts of them are left dry for months at a time.

– (PLSS)- An agency of the Department of the Interior, it was created July 16, 1946, pursuant to Presidential Reorganization Plan No.

3 of 1946, which consolidated the functions and activities of the General Land Office and the Grazing Service.

– (SURVEY)- A reference to, or statement of, an object, course, distance or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object, or other matter of description.- (WATER RIGHTS)- A demand that upstream water rights with more recent (junior) priority dates than the calling right cease diverting; the exercise of a senior water right holder in "calling" for his or her water rights, requiring junior water right holders to allow water to pass to the senior right holder.

- (SURVEY)- Cell tower surveys are required by the FAA and include 2-C Letters and 1-A Letters that certify to the FAA certain requirements including vertical height and horizontal location of the tower.ustomized "hybrid" ALTA survey that uses a specified scope of work to detail the cell tower lease area, access easements and utility easements.

The back bearing on all lines (other than North-South lines) are different from the bearing at the observer’s station.

They differ by the amount of convergency of the meridians between the two points.

Under the New Mexico constitution beneficial use is the basis, the measure and the limit of the right to use water; therefore, beneficial use of public water diverted or impounded by manmade works is an essential element in the development of a water right.

– (PLSS)- A sufficient number of trees differing from line trees in that they stand within 50 links of and on either side of the line, rather than being intersected by it, are blazed on two sides quartering toward the line.

This survey shows the relationship between the parent parcel and the lease area, and depicts interior lease area details such as cable trays, buildings and the tower itself.

– The line connecting opposite corresponding quarter corners or opposite subdivision-of-section corners or their theoretical positions.

– (SURVEY)- A line of demarcation between adjoining parcels of land.