Playing around with it this morning, I’m more than happy with that decision. The feature I am most happy about is the Dropbox integration…finally, a way to view/edit/delete Dropbox files without having to sync them (and their massive size) to my hard drive. I just discovered this update after trying to buy another licence through the VPP app store to find it’s disappeared.

I recently used Transit 1.7 on an old Mac running Mac OS 9, and it did what I needed. I’m happy to support Panic via this purchase, as it goes towards not only the development of Transmit, but also supports a company creates other great software products, does the right and moral thing in many dimensions (pricing, transparency when things go wrong) and is generally upping the bar for Mac apps across the board. I’ve been lurking on Transmit for a while expecting an update. The thing I’m curious about is what will become of Transmit Disk, because in all honesty, the current solutions offered by Expan Drive and others are always feeling like a hack – they’re just not reliable and you have to babysit any transfer.

For the folks who are are upset about shelling out the $35.00 — @Cabel/@Steve/others, feel free to send me a note via my email address attached to this comment, I’m glad to buy 10 more licenses that you can dole out to the most crabby of antagonists! Bought it immediately and unseen from i OS as soon as I saw the announcement. I’ve been using Transmit since I got into web development back in 2010. All that said, I expect to be happy with Transmit for the next couple years.

Using the trial version and like it a lot except for having no way to view my list of servers without the folders sidebar, icons, and server address.

In T4, I could see the full names of the servers without making the window larger or switching to single pane view, but in T5, the names are cut too short to be useful due to the large icon that is now there, the folder sidebar which can not be closed or made smaller, and the inability to enlarge the server name column or make the server address column smaller.

(Yes, we’re finally accounting for inflation.) Q: How much is it? We’re currently figuring out what to do, given the inevitability that Apple will remove support for kernel extensions, which Transmit Disk relies on. Q: Will it be seven years before the next major Transmit update? – When there is a upload conflict, is there no skip option? Fetch hasn’t been meaningfully updated since Bill Clinton was president. If I can’t test the feature I would why would I upgrade? Panic, you are honestly an inspiration with the standards of your apps. But not being able to connect to my FTP servers with the same credentials like in those other FTP programs is a bummer. But are there are people who experience the same problem ?

or does stop refer to a single file or the entire transfer set? now here we are in 2017 and have the audacity to ask for MORE dollars. We’ll see if you change your pricing structure then! Seems like a silly thing to disable in a 7 day trial. Thank you for another amazing product, the addition of the numerous features make this a no brainer for all who already own Transmit 4. I am a big fan of Transmit since 1.something, but, what a pity, I have no need for all the new connections in T5 or Panic Sync. Seven years after the first release of Transmit 4, our well-loved and widely-used mac OS file transfer app, we sat down with an incredibly exhaustive list of ideas, and — this’ll sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m mostly sure I’m not — we did it all.With one massive update we’ve brought everyone’s favorite file-transferring truck into the future with more speed, more servers, more features, more fixes, a better UI, and even Panic Sync.Panic Says: activity doesn’t have to be a pop-up — click the little icon in the corner of activity to make it its own window! And clearly you’re getting HUGE kickbacks from Back Blaze, Google, Rackspace, Microsoft and all these other “choices” you’ve “given” us. I pressed the cursor-forward key for a long time to get into the “Pole Position”-Mode (think namco) with the truck, but you seem to have forgotten about that easteregg – home come? I try again next week for ssh key management I’m not sure I want to pay more for an upgrade than I paid to purchase the product originally, especially since it is the first upgrade since I purchased the product. I’ll probably wait for Transmit 6 before “upgrading”, to see if you are serious about supporting it. Still, I really had my fingers crossed for ED25519 support this time – after all the feature request must have a pretty long gray beard by now ( hold ‘option’ to see Skip, for now, until we redesign that conflict sheet. I mean, what company would honestly just add 10 new cloud services to improve their product? When you launch month and we can change the color of the entire building from anywhere in the world …. @Simon – If you use Safari, there will be an Apple Pay button available to purchase Transmit. @Nathaniel – As Panic has even made note, Colin’s post is likely dripping with a heavy dose of sarcasm and snark. I was wondering what else could Panic add to Transmit, and they answered! I’d also have liked for everything to “just work” out of the box.Thank you so much for buying Transmit, supporting Panic, and allowing us to bring even more software into this world. Head over to the Transmit 5 web site and hit that big “Try it” button. This allows us to distribute a demo which we think is extremely helpful for people considering Transmit. If you bought from us after June 1st (or maybe even a little earlier), grab your Transmit 4 serial number and go here. The addition of the Dropbox integration is amazing. Finally have the option to sync both Coda and Transmit with Panic Sync, and it works great – though now it’s up to me to clean up years of sites I added separately to the MAS version of Transmit synced to i Cloud.