Because of this, on most systems you have to use this command to su to the munin account: files so that the munin user can write to them again.In munin 1.2.6 and 1.3.4 there will be a "check-munin" command that checks for correct owner of some files and directories.For a more thorough definition of RPN, take a look at the man-page for is the same as the graph_order-arguments above.

updating host file with port no-78updating host file with port no-13updating host file with port no-23

@@[email protected]@' setfiletype sh elseif getline(1) =~ '^#! @@[email protected]@' setfiletype python endif If you're having a lot of munin-nodes it could be the munin-node times out during munin-update.

The global default is 5 seconds, try setting a higher timeout in

It does not work well when graph-mode is cgi though. XX, put Another possibility is that the structure of the generated files changed from 1.3.x to 1.4.x.

You can also check your configuration, in munin.conf, if you put server's IP, replace it by Munin might be updating but the files you are looking av are no longer being updated. Nagios is complimentary to Munin, and the Munin contacts/munin-limits system was originaly designed to report warning/critical conditions to Nagios. When it is accompanied by emails from munin-update about lock files it is due to some node being slow at running its plugins so that munin-update does not complete in 5 minutes as it needs to.

The server will query the node and show all the services(plugins) it offers. Everything you define in overrides the plugin's value.

Example: On the host, I want to set the This also applies to almost all other parameters in the plugins, even if overriding those might not make much sense.

Yes, you can create a file in the plugin configuration directory (client-conf.d).

The file should contain the username and group to run the plugin as.

See also the next question: This is due to a bug in a Perl library Munin uses which causes $PATH to be lost. A: This is due to the fact that Munin takes a while to collect all the input numbers and therefore the collection of most numbers does not happen at the precise point in time that RRD wants.