The following conditions shall apply upon relinquishment: (1) The relinquishment shall become effective on the date following the county recorder’s recordation of the relinquishment resolution containing the commission’s approval of the terms and conditions of the relinquishment.(2) On and after the effective date of the relinquishment, the relinquished portion of Route 1 shall cease to be a state highway.But any activity toward development of this alignment was dead by the late '70's (Gianturco Coastal Commission = no new freeways anywhere near the coast).

Previous Federal Aid (pre-1992) categories: Federal Aid Interstate (FAI); Federal Aid Primary (FAP); Federal Aid Urban (FAU); and Federal Aid Secondary (FAS).

Current Functional Classifications (used for aid purposes): Principal Arterial (PA); Minor Arterial (MA); Collector (Col); Rural Minor Collector/Local Road (RMC/LR).

(3) The portion of Route 1 relinquished under this subdivision shall be ineligible for future adoption under Section 81.

(4) The City of Los Angeles shall ensure the continuity of traffic flow on the relinquished portion of Route 1, including any traffic signal progression, to the extent applicable. As of July 1, 1964, part (1) was planned as freeway for the entire route (i.e., through Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties).

Note that ISTEA repealed the previous Federal-Aid System, effective in 1992, and established the functional classification system for all public roads.

In 2014, AB 2752 (Chapter 345, 9/15/2014) added Oxnard to the list of cities with relinquished portions and added segment (4), and deleted item (h) regarding relinquishment to the city of Oxnard.[Note: It appears that Oxnard has rerouted Route 1 onto Rice Ave (see below), but there is no signage.(ref)] In 2015, AB 810 (Chapter 561, 10/07/15) authorized relinquishment of a specified portion of Route 1 to the City of Los Angeles by adding: (h) Upon a determination by the commission that it is in the best interest of the state to do so, the commission may, upon terms and conditions approved by it, relinquish to the City of Los Angeles the portion of Route 1 within the city between the southern city limit of the City of Santa Monica (approximately postmile 33.3) and Route 105 (approximately postmile 25.9), if the department and the City of Los Angeles enter into an agreement providing for that relinquishment.Since the truncated freeway would be of little benefit, the Long Beach City Manager requested that the State Division of Highways remove the route from the Freeway and Expressway system.The proposed route in Long Beach would have run to the south of Pacific Coast Highway (between Anaheim Street and 10th Street) and a portion of the Pacific Electric right-of-way; the truncated route would have then turned northeast to connect to the western stub of the Route 22 freeway (7th Street) and I-405 and I-605.When it intersected the Route 39 freeway alignment, it turned south following the Route 39 trajectory for a mile or so before turning SE again to parallel Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) -- but slightly inland to avoid (a) the wetlands immediately north of PCH and (b) the Edison power plant in SE Huntington Beach.