Also note that what got past the radar in some countries may not get past the radar in others.

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Franklin started his project on Indie Gogo a couple of years ago.

Now, with $150,000 in venture-capital funding, Drone Shield has created a number of products for drone detection.

Though our list includes some big names, it also features fledgling startups, some of which you may not have heard of yet.

What it is: Bumble is an app that flips traditional dating upside down by letting women make the first move.

When you buy a product from Cotopaxi, it has a specific cause attached to it.

The company wants its customers to feel a connection with the causes they choose to support through their purchases.

The startup beta-tested in Chicago last year before launching in December.

Using Dolly's website or app, you can post what services you need done — things like moving a heavy couch or an entire apartment full of stuff — and then wait for one of Dolly's "Helpers" to respond.

(Whitney Wolfe, a Tinder cofounder, created Bumble not long after she left that company.) Bumble, like Tinder, uses profile swiping to match singles in the same town.