The mystery of the missing cellphone grew into a broader probe in which Christian and Miss Lawson were fired for allegedly selling phones to inmates.

After James was cuffed and put in a police cruiser, two officers left their body cameras on.

The video shows a SORT member scrolling through the images on James’ camera.

The sheriff never obtained a search warrant for my colleague’s belongings, but someone apparently searched them anyway.

Geolocation data on the photo Miss Lawson sent me points to the sheriff’s office.

When prisons do let reporters in, it’s usually for carefully managed tours and monitored interviews with inmates. Their records often aren’t subject to public access laws; CCA has fought to defeat legislation that would make private prisons subject to the same disclosure rules as their public counterparts. In the future, if you decide to change your mind, you know the process.” into Winn’s front gate after I left town, the guard told him the assistant warden wanted to see him. Miss Calahan, who’d quit before me because she thought the job was getting too dangerous, wrote to me on Facebook: “Hey boy you got they ass lol.” Another sent me an email: “Wow, Bauer! I don’t even know what to say.” I attempted to contact everyone who’s mentioned in this story to ask them about their experiences at Winn. Others didn’t respond to my phone calls and letters, and a few I could not track down. Corner Store insisted he and other inmates knew something was up all along.

As a journalist, it’s nearly impossible to get an unconstrained look inside our penal system. In his office, Assistant Warden Parker asked Bacle what he knew about me. On his way out, Bacle asked the officer at the front gate, “What’s going on with Bauer? National media picked up the story and CCA issued a statement saying my approach “raises serious questions about his journalistic standards.” A couple of guards I worked with reached out to me right away.The image was a shot of a laptop screen on which a video of me was playing.I recognized the footage immediately: James had filmed it on the afternoon before he was arrested.“It was like they were insinuating that you brought the phone in or there was some information in the phone.I’m like, ‘No, he found it in a water fountain.'” After I’d filled out the paperwork about the phone and handed it off to Miss Price, it had disappeared somewhere in the chain of command.When James was detained, he was careful to protect his camera and the footage on it, even as he was surrounded by SORT officers from the prison and Winn Parish deputies.