For instructions on how to achieve this please see Reset Audacity Settings.Save: On the download page, left-click the "installer" link (do not right-click).

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You can then compare the latest release with the version you have now as shown by using Because of software patents, Audacity cannot include MP3 encoding software or distribute such software from its own websites.

Instead, use the following instructions to download and install the free and recommended LAME third-party encoder to export MP3 files with Audacity. ZIP file option If you cannot run the LAME installer due to restrictions on your computer, or if you want a later specially built LAME 3.99.5 version, download the appropriate ZIP file from the LAME download page.

To do this, access Preferences then the "Libraries" tab on the left: FFmpeg Library Version should now show a set of three version numbers for the sub-libraries of FFmpeg ("F" for libavformat version, "C" for libavcodec version and "U" for libavutil version).

If you still see "not found", you may have installed the wrong libraries.

You can also use 7-Zip or other extraction utilities.

If you install a new Audacity version after installing a previous one, the installer will offer to install to the same directory as the previous installation.

If the previous installation was Audacity 1.2 or 2.x, the installation directory is normally on 64-bit Windows).