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The Atkin’s-style diet caused all the different strains of mice to burn more calories without an increase in activity, the researchers found, but some of them on this diet ate too much food and became obese.

Dr Barrington, who presented the findings at the Allied Genetics Conference, a meeting hosted by the Genetics Society of America, said: “Given the metabolic and genetic similarity of humans and mice, it is highly likely that the level of diversity of diet response seen in our study will also be observed in humans.

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Exercising intensely for more than two hours at a time can lead to gut problems, a new study has found.

Strenuous exercise may damage cells in the intestine, causing short- and long-term digestion problems, according to a team of Australian sports scientists.

Health complications can then arise as toxic substances leak through the injured gastrointestinal wall and into the bloodstream, they said.

, indicated these effects may be exacerbated by running or exercising in hot temperatures.

“It is recommended that a full gut assessment during exercise should be undertaken by individuals with symptoms of gut disturbances during exercise, to ascertain what is causing the issue and to develop individually tailored management strategies.” The scientists named the condition “exercise-induced gastrointestinal syndrome”.