UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port was designed to use with UFS Saras Soft Series boxes.

Of course it can be also used for remove simloc, security code, phone code, change software or language, upload Java applications.

Have a look at the powerfull and professional made hardware, which is not more bigger than a nokia 6600 and which is much more than a flasher for mobiles phones.

The correct use of the purchased goods is required to have a stable internet connection with min .

capacity of 1024 kb / s ( download) and 512 kb / s ( upload) .

We are general distributor for UFS - not only resseler.

Our Tornado Box are 100% Original and already Activated so it is guaranteed to work on newer Tornado by SARAS software.Each customer will recive unique access to for all future upgrades.Now to each UFS bought from our company we add UFSx2COM software for free.COM server (from where you can download needed files to work with above HASP/hardware), each client will recive after buying this equipment.By this you take all applicable laws and regulations to you by using this third parties softwares downloaded from Internet.Leaving it enabled can occurs inproper operation of software / services and you will get communications errors like “Error 10060”..