“She was drinking pretty heavily at that party, a lot of wine,” said the insider.

Tyson Beckford (born December 19, 1970) is an American fashion model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model.

He was also the host of both seasons of the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel.

He is represented by Soul Artist Management in New York City and D'management Group in Milan. In September 2008, he supported the National RESPECT!

In 2003, he appeared on the ABC network's celebrity reality game show I'm a Celebrity... Campaign against domestic violence, recording a voice message for the Web site, speaking about the importance of respect for others.

What’s even more shocking is that a winner of America’s Next Top Model only has $10,000 in their bank account.

I had ,000 in my bank account when I was 15 and worked as a clerk at Walgreen’s. Anyway, Caridee is hot sex so when she and Tyson call it quits I’m sure she’ll want to date a loser blogger like me. Outside of reality show recaps, sometimes we recommend fun products on IBBB. 2018 Cigar Humidor Reviews 40 Christmas Gifts For Mom in 2018 Best Face Wash in 2018 for Men Top 10 Sneakers in 2018 for Men Best Funny Memes Ever 10 Best Cigars That are Top Rated Top 10 Mens Wallets of 2018 Season Trendy Makeup All Chic Women Love Tech Gift Ideas for Women & Men in 2018 Best Dark Spot Correctors Summer Best Matte Lipstick Colors & Shades Best Dad Gifts for Christmas 2018 Best Wedding Gift Ideas 2018 Housewarming Gifts We Love The Cutest Best Friend Gifts Ever Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Men in 2018 Best Turntables & Record Players We Love Most Popular Vinyl Records to Buy in 2018 The Best Coffee Makers of 2018 For At Home Use Do Air Fryers Even Work?!Shortly before am, he lost control of his 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 and struck a utility pole.The vehicle caught fire immediately after the collision, but Beckford was able to pull himself out before the red pick-up became fully engulfed in flames.A couple of weeks ago we reported that Cari Dee English, winner of cycle 7 of the Tyra Banks’ reality show “America’s Next Top Model,” was hospitalized for dehydration.We didn’t buy the whole “dehydration” excuse, and now the National Enquirer smells a rat, too.Someone hand me my alarm clock because I need to wake up.