One of his birds calls her friend over to sit with me. When she did come back, the Mamasang was back asking me to buy her Tequila. The bench seating is still as cramped and I had to sit between two drink tables.

I reject her so she goes away, then she does it again, I reject her again, I'm not sure if it was the Girl, then the Mamasang asks us to move along the seat, to make room for other people to sit down but there are no other people. This was not a problem as most of the bench seating was empty anyway.

There was one attractive Girl on stage who was asking me for a drink but I had decided to leave by then. Popped into The Office , it was very bad, no Girl's showed us any interest and the Draft Lager was undrinkable soon left. Some lovely Girl's in there as good as any in Walking Street.

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My friend Paul wanted to go back to Wildcats on Thursday, so we popped in and sat at the back. After a long while I revisited The Lighthouse A-Go Go on Walking Street.

His Birds soon appeared, my Bird was dancing on the Stage. There are still two rectangular low central stages with five about 1.80-metre-high chrome poles each.

Private in-house fun upstairs 2,700 baht (room 700 baht plus girl 2,000 baht).

At Lek's Bar & Massage on Soi Khao Talo a bottled Heineken is 80 baht now and a lady drink (bottled Singha) 105 baht.

Saying that there are usually (but not always) one or two who are attractive enough to enjoy receiving their good close attention.

The same is exactly true of sister bar So Nice, but on the whole, So Nice seems to get first dibs for the available girls.

Nowhere to sit down so popped straight out, Looked into Gold that was the opposite, very quiet with about 6 Punters, There were 6 Coyote Dancers wearing G-String's on the Stage, all of them overweight.

There were some attractive Girls Upstairs hiding in the Toilets, but they showed no interest when they came down.

Of course there is the little snag that you are unlikely to find a girl who could command a post on a Walking Street stage.

And if you are lucky enough to find a young and slim dancer, you can be pretty sure that she wont be staying in Big Hugs long.

Annabelle's had some lovely naked Girls showing their charms on the mat.