No matter how I tried to swing the conversation, it came back to her. Royal Flush (Down the Toilet) You know how red flags just pop up? He told me his Dad went to prison for murder as he drove me to a casino in his 86 Camero.

In the middle of dinner, he got a phone call (yes at the restaurant-old school style-not on cell) and became distraught. I was left standing there with his keys and my coat for an hour. I finally decided that I’d had enough, explained what happened and left his keys with the nurse’s station. He then spent the night talking (yes, talking) to the slot machines and bragging about how he never paid taxes “cuz the government ain’t gittin his money!

My boyfriend couldn’t make it home from college, so I went with a guy who asked.

Prom Date proceeds to sprout one hand after another on the dance floor.

We had plans for the next day, but I made my Dad tell Prom Date I was sick because there was I once met a guy on a dating site and after talking on the phone for a month or so, we decided to make it official and go on a real date at a nice restaurant. That’s all well and good, but we are talking a dinner date!

Immediately, the red flags went off when I noticed he was still dressed in work clothes. Not only did he look like poo — he smelled liked it!

Said that his mom had been taken to the hospital and he had to leave right then. ” On the way back, he stopped for gas and put in $7.

He had picked me up so I did not have my vehicle and since he was acting so crazy, I told him that I’d drive him to the ER. WHY WERE WE AT THE CASINO IF HE COULD ONLY AFFORD IN GAS?!

I met a man through a mutual friend and we decided to have dinner together.

During dinner, the only thing he talked about was how close he was to his mom.

He looked much different than he did during the day, when I saw him on my delivery route to the RV parts manufacturer where he worked at my summer job.