Aside from saying they don’t want their 8-year-old looking up on Google about your past.” “I think Hunter’s plan was to get me to leave the relationship first. I told him ‘I know something’s going on; don’t tell me something’s not going on.’ And that’s a deal-breaker for me. After that I know that he was crying, and I know that he felt bad that he hit me.That way he could start dating Stephanie and everything would be cool. I was just in shock; it felt like a Jerry Springer moment, it was very surreal.She often competed against men, and she was at one point the WWE Women’s Champion.

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They made me feel beautiful, strong, stand on my own two feet, getting out there.

Levesque attended Nashua South High School, where he played baseball and basketball.

Chyna also made claims of physical abuse, which Triple H adamantly denied. “I just heard the tragic news that @Chyna Joan Laurer has passed,” she wrote.

“She was truly a pioneer in our industry, and she will be missed #RIPChyna.” Chyna was a member of the D-Generation X wrestling squad.

it might be a submission match or a i quit match it has to be an I quit match because john cena and randy orton already had an I quit match and they were that's what john cena and sheamus might have.i think 18 Answer Yeah I think it's 18 and you have to be scouted.

 If they think you're good enough, they will give you a  developmental contract. Because the cruiserwieights have the same amt of oppotunities as any other.

Chyna and Triple H, who is now WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live events and creative, had a rocky, headline-making relationship in the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

She was open about Triple H cheating on her with WWE executive Stephanie Mc Mahon (the daughter of Vince and Linda Mc Mahon), whom he later married in 2003.

While working as a manager at Gold's Gym in Nashua, New Hampshire, Levesque was introduced to world champion powerlifter, Ted Arcidi, who at the time was employed with the WWE.

Triple H was also the winner of the 1997 King of the Ring tournament and the 20 Royal Rumbles.

Here is part one of the interview, we will post the second part tomorrow. Shawn Michaels called me and I guess you would say I was discovered, really. I think there was that Pay-Per-View where you beat Lita, and then after that, you were gone. If there is, I can take it." This was my love, this was my career. I know this is tough for you but it's going to be okay." Then I went home and I got a fax saying they didn't need me anymore. Did you have any second thoughtsabout doing the movie when you first did it?