"If you're protective of your own space and alone time, this could become an issue with a younger guy."If neither of you have any important financial or career commitments, the party lifestyle is fantastic."But if his idea of heaven is an all-nighter at a club, walking home to the sounds of the dawn chorus, and yours is a bottle of red or two with friends, then your different social goals will be a problem," says Spurr"Much is made of young men's virility, but it doesn't really do much for you as a woman if he's too quick to orgasm," says Kerner.

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The interesting thing about Age though, is that when you know how to use it correctly, you can use it to your advantage.

We live in a time when the ‘rules’ for sex are fluid and non-existent.

They underpin the way we search for partners online.

Whether you’re on a dating website, or using an app like Tinder, you’re always required to enter at least the most basic of requirements for a partner.

Someone in her late fifties is unlikely to want to start a family.

One of the reasons I know I’m a few steps behind my closest friends in the ‘Game of Life’ is because I travelled the world for three years – actively stepping off the life conveyor belt, only to step back on at 28, in the place most of my friends had been at 24 or 25.For a “no strings” relationship to work, there actually have to be no strings!And as a single, emotional female, who enjoys being in relationships, and wouldn’t normally date someone who I couldn’t see a future with, in the past, I’ve found the best way to form a generally “no strings” relationship is with someone who there is zero chance of a relationship forming with.After all, in a huge pool of single fish, you have to start somewhere.And, having established which gender and sexuality of match you’re searching for, often the next question is AGE.No strings sex can play an important role in finding your own sexual identity, and moral code.