"I do think pornography and the way it seeped into culture has had some effect because it's so saturated, it's so become a norm that people are seeing sex and their bodies through a completely distorted lens." -Rowan Peeling, Former Editor of the Erotic Review.Naked is the eighth and final studio album by American rock band Talking Heads, released in early 1988.Many of David Byrne's lyrics were improvisations sung along with the prerecorded tracks until he found something that he felt worked.

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In a retrospective review, Michael Hastings, a reviewer for music database website Allmusic, rated the album three out of five stars.

He stated that "alternately serious and playful, it once again allows frontman David Byrne to worry about the government, the environment, and the plight of the working man as it frees up the rest of the band to trade instruments and work with guest musicians.

Whenever he 'Hulks out' and transforms from Bruce Banner into the not-so-jolly green giant, his tiny human clothes rip apart but somehow still preserve his modesty.

Thor Ragnarok, will show him naked but only show the rear view, protecting audiences from seeing his 'other' jolly green giant....

Such discs were identified by a sticker on the CD's shrinkwrap and as part of the CD label artwork.

In 2005, it was re-released and remastered by Warner Music Group on their Warner Bros., Sire and Rhino Records labels in Dual Disc format, with one bonus track on the CD side ("Sax and Violins", from the Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World).The reissue was produced by Andy Zax with Talking Heads.Wanting to try something different after their use of regional American music and the pop song format on their previous two albums, Little Creatures and True Stories, Talking Heads decided to record their next album in Paris with a group of international musicians.The band dissolved shortly after the album's release, but did not announce their breakup until 1991.A rare JVC pressing of the Sire CD was one of a limited number of CDs from Warner Bros.The DVD-Audio side includes both stereo and 5.1 surround high resolution (96 k Hz/24bit) mixes, as well as a Dolby Digital version and videos of "Blind" and "(Nothing But) Flowers".