I saw a room full of people who sacrificed how they felt most of the time, for how they thought more money, more success, more stuff, and a better presentation of who they are would make them feel. Stress, worry, agitation and a feeling of something being “off” Diagnosed with OCD and ADHD…

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This post is about how to feel real fucking good, no Vicodin or receiving of oral sex required.

You can always add in those amenities later if you like, probably best to avoid the Vicodin though We live in a society of bored, stressed-out, anxious, agitated, always-in-a-hurry furrow-browed beings.

What you’re about to read is your ticket to the direct line out of the status quo of the masses and onto exactly what you can do to feel not only good, but totally awesome We’ve traded our peace of mind, sense of wonder, serotonin, endorphins, optimism and good vibrations for resentment, regret, stress, worries, cortisol, too much concern for what others think and too much focus on shit that just simply does not matter. I once heard a well-known business guru when asked if he was happy in front a crowd of people, respond “I’m not happy, I’m miserable most of the time, aren’t you?

It’s not about feeling good, it’s about business” The message stuck.

In fact, make mine a double To feel good, you must also feel bad.

There is no such thing as always trotting down the yellow brick road with a joyous spring in your step and smile on your face.

I urge you to fully live those and embrace the ones you’re leaving on the table.

The more of these you can toss into the blender and into the fruity and tasty smoothie of life, the better you’ll feel.

And not just any lie, tell yourself ‘Big Chris’s Favorite Lie’ It goes like this: “I’ll just go do a few quick little light sets today, that’s all” It works awesome!