Instagram photos are open to the public by default and Instagram lets users browse public photos posted by others and by people whom they follow. This started in 2010 as a photo-sharing platform viewable only amongst its user base.

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Snapchat runs on i Phone, Android, i Pad, Android tablets and i Pod Touch.

You have to be age 13 or over to use Snapchat although they offer a limited version called Snapkidz which allows images to be created but not sent or received.

You can read Snapchat’s terms of use, privacy, guide for parents, information on reporting abuse.

Instagram is a photo editing and sharing ‘app’ that allows users to edit photos taken on their phone and post them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button.

Snapchat streaks is when you send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days.

The longer you go without breaking the chain of communication, the longer your streak is.

It is important to ensure they know what to do if they receive bullying messages or images that are inappropriate, such as letting a adult know, deleting and blocking the sender, etc.

There are also some basic rules to talk to your child about such as not using your real name on your profile when it is available publicly, never adding your location to your messages or photos, never giving out personal information and never accept a follower or friend who you don't actually know in real life.

It seems that almost every week there is a new app or website that kids are using to IM (instant message) each other and it can be hard to keep up.

It’s important for parents to know how these work, and how old your child should be to use them, usually 13 or over, to help avoid cyberbullying and sexting.

This can allow others to zoom in and find exactly where you are.