Another goes into a hippo's mouth and it goes all the way down to it's tail.

Ollie then hits several balls in succession and they pierce several holes in an elephants ear. He then knocks an apple out of a tree which then splits in half and out pop three dizzy worms.

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Unfortunately the speed of the ball causes the kennel to splinter anyway.

The animals have finally have had enough of Ollie's golfing antics and give chase to him. When it looks like the danger is over, the woodpecker then swoops down and starts pecking him. He places a golf ball in a tee then he ties the ball with string to a stake in the ground.

First he and swings and hits a snail then a spider with golf balls.

Then he sends a golf ball flying down a gopher hole and a gopher emerges with a lump on it's head.

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Ollie takes a swing at another golf ball but he hits one of his clogs by mistake.

He takes another swing at it but the ball ends up hitting Jack in his shell, causing him to propel out of it.

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