Iceland, on the other hand, has a mixed economy with high levels of free trade and government intervention.However, the government consumption is less than other Nordic countries.

Dubbed the “Emerald Isle: for its lush landscape, the country is dotted with castles like medieval Cahir Castle.

Ireland’s total population is 4.595 million as recorded in 2013, having the GDP of 232.1 billion USD and with the Gross National Income of 180.4 billion PPP USD.

As of the year 2013, the total population of Iceland is 323,002, with an unemployment rate of 4.3$ in 2015 and life expectancy of 82.92 years in 2012.

The economy of Iceland is small and subject to high volatility. However, the financial crisis in 2007-2010 produced a decline in GDP and employment, although the magnitude of this decline remains to be different.

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Its economy is dominated by its service sector, comprising 68% of GDP.

Australia is a member of the APEC, G20, OECD and WTO and also entered into free trade agreements with ASEAN.

GDP is defined as the value all the final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year which then converted at market exchange rates to current US dollars, divided by the average of mid-year population for the same year.