If it is, the Updater Program will let you know: Using the check boxes, select the data file(s) you would like to update (see Data File Selection below).

Some data files are not available to older versions of DX4WIN, and that choice will be grayed out.

Many of the data files, like Custom Awards or Country File, simply have one checkbox to enable or disable the update of that data file (see above).

However, if you feel strongly about making the icons different, you can change the Updater Program desktop shortcut icon.

Right-click on the shortcut icon and choose "Properties".

WPX - CQ WPX Honor Roll Deleted Prefixes - IOTA islands (island groups are part of the country file) It does NOT update the DX4WIN program itself!

If anyone knows how to "register" a known-good program with any of the anti-virus vendors, please contact the webmaster address at the bottom of this page.

If you are Windows XP user, and the Updater program runs without giving either of the above errors, check which version of the Redistributable library you have installed. There is a bug in earlier versions of the library that prevents the updater from getting the file information (date/time and size) for any file that is already on your computer.

Thus, the Updater will try to update every file every time you run it!

You should choose the update options that correspond to the version of DX4WIN for which you are licensed.

The Updater Program can be used to help maintain the data files associated with DX4WIN 4.07 and later.

When the "Change Icon" window appears, copy the following file path and paste it into the field labeled, "Look for icons in this file:", just to the left of the "Browse..." button, then type Before trying to update any files, the Updater Program will first check whether DX4WIN is running.