There are thousands of cases of students bullying teachers around the country.

In many cases, high-school students and their parents are intentionally intimidating the teachers when they are not satisfied with a grade, or when the need for discipline arises.

Unfortunately, teachers are also on the receiving end of cyberbullying, especially when it comes to disgruntled students.

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The reason this is done via the Internet is because is seems like a medium where the student can say what they want to say about their teacher without having to face the same consequences that would result if said in person.

Children are impulsive and social networking sites are a perfect place to display this impulsiveness and say whatever comes to mind.

Sometimes the students just assume that it is anonymous, or that the teacher will not find out about it.

Other times, the teacher is meant to see it and be intentionally hurt by it.

Here are some ways that teachers can reduce the danger of cyberbullying in their classrooms: Words of comfort for victims of bullying?

High school students can bully a teacher in a number of ways.

Fifty years ago students who acted out in class might be made to wear a dunce’s cap or even be beaten.

In today’s schools, this is not acceptable, thankfully.

We are trained by the media and our communities to look out for, and prevent, bullying.