After getting his Bachelors degree from Harvard, studying Eastern wisdom and getting a Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge, and also getting his medical doctorate from UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. I’m your host, Chip August, and today on the show we are going to be talking about the Tao of dating. I read your book, I always like things which mix the spiritual with the practical.

Alex collected what he knew about Men, Women, Dating, and the idea of the Tao, the Way, and produced 2 great books- The Tao of Dating for Men, and his latest, The Tao of Dating for Women. We’re going to be talking about a smart woman’s guide to embracing her inner goddess and to finding her fulfillment, ‘cause we’re talking to Dr. I’m a little curious though, why did you write it, why’d you write a book, and particularly why did you, a man, write a book telling women about how they can find fulfillment? Alex Benzer: That’s an excellent question Chip, and there was a general reason and there was a very personal reason behind it.

He writes for, and he maintains his own hypnotherapy practice in the L. So that was kind of the motivation that got me to finish the book.

Chip August: Well I want to say to my listeners, if you’re hearing all this I want you to know that while the book is filled with all kinds of very simple spiritual information, it’s not a heavy tome here, it’s not, it doesn’t read like it’s, like it’s science homework and it doesn’t read like it’s class and spirituality homework.

It reads like you’re talking about real people, and some of the basic principles that make for a happier experience dating. Alex Benzer: Thank you, I really appreciate that ‘cause that’s, that was one of the efforts of the book, which was to bring all the stuff, the masi meseoteric and the strange and out there, and make it really useable.

Join us for a fun chat about men, women, relationship, fulfillment, spirituality and so much more. Alex Benzer, who’s the author of the just released The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Embracing Your Inner Goddess and Finding the Fulfillment You Deserve. The general came about when I was an advisor for undergrads at Harvard, and I’d sit down with them for dinner just, you know, hanging out with them, chatting and seeing what’s going on with their lives, and dating was a pretty frequent topic that would come up and how little of it was actually happening on campus what was shocking. ”, and I realized, you know, I was in their shoes and when I was one of them I had the same issue, and I’d come a ways since then, I’d figured out some stuff on my own, I’m like, “You know, these are great guys. They shouldn’t have to go through the same trial and error that I did.” So I thought, you know, it’d be good to give them a book because Harvard kids, they’re pretty good at learning stuff that’s in books.

He’s also the author of The Tao of Dating: The Thinking Man’s Enlightened Guide to Success With Women. So that was kind of the first step, and that got me moving to write the book, but it didn’t get me to finish the book.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and he’s got an MD degree from the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine, and also I notice a Master’s of Philosophy from Cambridge University. What got me to finish the book was actually a dinner I had with two of my old classmates from college, and we sat down and we were eating and one of them, they’d both been divorced, one of them was dating a guy, and this guy that she was dating, it, you know, she was supporting him, he was a starving artist type, and at the same time he was kind of being emotionally abusive, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. ” And later on it came to light that he was actually beating her up, and that just absolutely broke my heart, and I thought, you know, if the, if this book can help one amazing woman like this friend of mine, kind of gather up her power again and really go after what she wants and what makes her happy, ‘cause she deserves the best…

He’s a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and has consulted with fortune 100 companies. I mean she’s just an amazing, amazing woman, she’s was smart, she’s sweet, she’s beautiful, she’s kind, and, you know, she just wasn’t being treated right.It’s just like look, this is the way the world works; you can go, flow with it in which case you’ll probably be happy, you can try to struggle against it in which case you probably won’t be happy.So I’ve been studying that on my own for over a decade or so. That started about 10 years ago, and there’s a lot of overlap between Yoga philosophy, Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita, Taoism, all these things, they point to one kind of truth.And I found that as a scientist a lot of truths converge, and so there was convergence between the scientific and the Taoist truths.These are, these are two aspects of my studies, which I, which are very close to my heart, and I thought what if I can bring them together so the science would give you the practical aspects of what to do, while the eastern wisdom, the ancient wisdom that’s been around for 2500 years tells you, you know, how to go about how to think about things and how to be.“#tbt We absolutely mastered the ways of the #selfiestick,” she captioned the collage.