In fact, Android provides us with two built-in mechanisms that allow maliciously crafted personal apps to silently view, steal and even manipulate content that should be ...Introduction This is a follow up to our blog post during RSA, where we explained how a hacker, by combining two features of Android, Accessibility Services and the ability to draw over other apps, may gain control of the mobile device, including acquiring elevated privileges and exposing the content of all apps on the device.From there you have the full range of existing documentation for SEPC, including in some cases short video walkthroughs for deployment.

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For more information on how to keep your enterprise environment secure using often-overlooked capabilities of Symantec Endpoint Protection (and the OS upon which it functions), see Mick's Greatest Hits: Index of Helpful Connect Security Articles. Two-factor authentication for administrators - simple and secure With the flip of a switch, you can now ensure that all of your administrators use two-factor authentication whenever they sign into SEP Cloud.

Two-factor authentication keeps unauthorized users out - even if your password is stolen or hacked - because a unique ...

It is very fortunate that the fingerprint is also included when you open the Ultra Surf.

Listed below are the different fingerprints for the Ultra Surf variants available in the web namely: 1. Introduction By popular demand, below is an index of my Connect articles.

“As attackers improve their capabilities, enterprises must also improve their ability to protect access and protect from ...

@haroldvm89 When you loig into your SEPC console, in the upper right choose Help.

“I never use Wi-Fi networks, so man in the middle attacks via Wi-Fi are not my problem” told us an executive of a large organization during a demonstration of Symantec’s innovative mobile security solution, Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile), formerly Skycure. Even if you are a cautious user who never connects to public Wi-Fi networks – does it mean you are ...

In this post and following a responsible and coordinated disclosure with Google, I will share some interesting findings Shahar Areli & I recently came across while looking into the secure separation logic of Android for Work.

If not, the bridge service installation may have failed when enrolling.