In 2016, South Sudan had at least 2,294 measles cases and 28 people died, according to UN data.The latest UN statement said the risk of measles in the country remains “extremely high”.The United Nations said the children died of “severe sepsis” and “toxicity” from the contaminated vaccine.

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“Being a surgeon there does not mean I would only perform operations.

I also needed to do lots of preparation work such as cleaning the operating room and making sure there was enough equipment, which I don’t have to do in a Hong Kong hospital,” she said.

“I didn’t know that nurses had to do so much preparation work.” The language barrier was also one of the challenges Chan and her teammates faced, and in particular whether the doctors could explain the risk factors involved in operations in the local language. There’s a handful of very traditional locals who think surgeons are witches.

And if patients die during an operation, they might think the surgeons have put a spell on them,” Chan said.

I was heartbroken and yet when I looked at the baby’s mother, the calmness in her eyes startled me.

She did not cry nor did she shed a tear,” Chan said of her experience in Bor, the capital of Jongel state in South Sudan, where she had her first MSF mission last October.

Each year, over 2,000 MSF field workers provide medical aid to people in about 65 countries, mostly those with poor living conditions and an unstable political environment.

“The feeling of watching them suffer or having to let them go breaks my heart, every single time.

That is life,” the mother, who was on her third day of labour, told the doctor.