I mean Sony is still updating and giving away free games on ps3 and the PS4 has been out 3 years now.That's really impressive support for a console that has been replaced. You can still browse the internet on Windows XP, but you wont be able to purchase/use many apps on it.

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There's over 85 million ps3's out there, it would be silly not to try and make money off them anymore when the ps3 is more than capable of running service apps that Sony can make money off of.

Your ps3 might just be a media player in a room one day.....a Thanks man!! these are kinds of post the forums used to have years ago. Coolyfett honestly thinks the 12-13 year mark is perfect.

PS3 may limp to 90 million sold, on-line support could hang on until 2020. I think support for services will continue to happen.

Play Station Vue, PS Music, Movies on Demand from the PS store will still get updated.

It gives many PS gamers enough opportunities to maximize their investment in whatever Play Station product they own.

The online store component is where Coolyfett's curiosity remains. Meaning say someone has a rarely used PS4 in say 2030. Will it still be able to connect to the store via gamers PSN accounts? Thanks for adding some meat to the conversation Mega Video Gamer.

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I am sure that there are still plenty of people who play older software.

The PS3 library is quite large despite the claim of the system having "no games" for half of its life cycle. The Ratchet PS3 games were glossed over to a degree as well. What the topic was asking was when will Sony stop doing repairs on PS3? When will official support for the entire console drop? Play Station 3 support will last about 12 years in total. 2006-2016 so on-line and some new games will continue to arrive until 2018 then that will be the end for PS3.

Now our consoles are connected and always updating. But since the ps3's are connected to the internet Sony will be able to see how many ps3's are online and purchasing content. If Sony sees in a few years out of 85 million ps3's sold only 15 million are online buying games/content they will probably stop updating the store and apps soon after.