Keith says that 3 days before he didn't even know Charlie existed and now he can't picture his life without him, to which Bree replies that his son is a wonderful little boy.

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He actually told Charlie "I'll see you before you know it", like his dad used to say to him, which always means "I have no idea when I'll see you".

Bree wishes there was anything she could do, but he replies "There's nothing anyone can do, it is what it is".

Keith says he doesn't see how that's possible, and Bree tells him that's because he's young.

Bree tells him he's given her so much, and asks him to allow her to give this to him. Van de Kamp • Gloria Hodge • Edwin Hodge • Unnamed Grandmother • Aunt Fern • Alma Hodge • Leo Katz • Alex Cominis • Melina Cominis • Lillian Allen Keith Watson • Benjamin Katz • Justin • Reverend Sikes • Dr.

Keith tells her to not make it sound romantic because what she did was unbelievably selfish. He says that in order for their relationship to work, they have to be honest with one another.

She says she feels terrible, and asks him to please not be angry, to which he replies he is angry, but mostly at the ongoing situation.

Keith understands that, but there is no other way for him to be close to Charlie, unless he moves there without her, and he can't do that because long-distance relationships never work and he doesn't want to jeopardize what they have.

He wishes her a good night sleep and tells he'll keep thinking of a solution to his problem. Keith is playing with a baseball whilst thinking about Charlie when Bree interrupts him.

He plans on distracting himself with a movie, but Bree tells him he shouldn't be thinking of getting his mind off of his son. He keeps saying long-distance relationships never work, and Bree says he's in one of those right now, with his son.

And one of those two relationships won't work out, and it has to his with her.

Amber drives up and tells her son they need to go, so that they can pack up and leave for Florida the following day.