In case it does, you can revert to your original region shortly after.

If none of the above works, there’s a last suggestion I got from here (thanks to Nerd Box Media for the suggestion and also for the Youtube Video below): kill Steam from the in Cortana and click to Network Proxy Settings): from there, disable the Automatically Detect Settings option, then restart Steam and see what happens.

The fstab entry looks like this currently (I realise it is empty, but not really sure what to add or if o S offers the option to populate it with sensible defaults):

id=0B4...j Zmd2d Rbk9UVXc Ok so I've managed to solve this on my own but thought I'd post the solution in case anyone else has the same issue.

The B17 is fantastic when laying siege to cities, but doesn’t come into play until very late in the game.

The Minuteman can be useful for further exploration.

Downloads: once there, click to the CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE button.

This should do the trick: in case it doesn’t, keep reading.My solution has been to format a spare HDD I have with ext4 to use as a games partition for playing games under Linux.First problem is that I cannot get Steam to forget or remove the previously mentioned NTFS partition (which has a bunch of games already installed on it - the reason Steam is giving for not being able to remove it).Not sure what's causing this, after it finished a 7.2mb download it then tried to install a 0 bytes download and it just keeps looping unless I tell Steam to stop updating this game. Needless to say I can't boot the game in it's current state. There's a guide on that here: If that doesn't work, maybe try a re-install of Steam and making sure your Steam Client is updated to the latest version. Hey there Bill - best advice is to verify your game cache.After all, Firaxis is still heavily patching Civ 5, and some of the stats might change.