They talked about their proposal, wedding and other details in a reality show, just before the wedding.When Bully stated in a show that he was the president of Aces and Eights, she tweeted that it was a betrayal and she felt very violated and filed for the separation, immediately.In 2014, she was seen with a new lover whom she stated that the relationship is going smooth.

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She was in a relationship with Jerry Reid in 2005-06.

She dated Spice Boy, Jonathan Prater, Colby O’Donis and Stacks, before he got engaged to Phil Costa.

Later, she said that she did not leave him because he had a secret girlfriend.

She said that he married her, just to make sure that her father would award him, the heavyweight title shot.

Yannique Barker’s father was a manager for the Sly and the Family Stone and he help launch his son the So Be Entertainment company. I am not sure what the current interest in this bugger is, but if you are a fan, give a shot out below telling about this guy.

My peeps have reported that Stack$ aka Yannique Barker has been spotted together with beautiful Brooke Hogan and many think that he is the new boy friend of this girl.

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Now the interesting thing is that Stack$ was making good money long before he started rapping.

There was no known secret affair or infidelity which would have caused a failed engagement.

Neither Phil nor Brooke talked about the reason for the separation.

She is the daughter of famous professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.