If your camera is within this range, and you have NOT successfully updated to version 8 firmware or higher previously, then please contact the Sony Service Centre at your location for further information.

sony reader updating firmware now-42

I went ahead and installed the update on my PRS-T2 because I was unsure if it would actually link the library on the device with my Kobo library or if it would just add a link to buy ebooks from Kobo. Plus there’s no way to access the Kobo store at this point.

There’s just a screen that basically says the Kobo ebook store is coming soon, and that you should use a computer, tablet, or phone to shop at

I personally expect to see a new S35 camera from Sony announced at IBC 2017 (no, not the potential F65 replacement that I told you about here), but something in the above the FS7 II – i.e. Again, this what I expect, it is my personal speculation, it’s not based on anything I’ve heard or seen, simply what I think will happen given the age of the F5 and its current “no-man’s land” position in the line-up that was “eaten up” by the FS7 and FS7 II.

I may be totally wrong, and Sony may announce a new card reader instead, so bare that in mind.

The update is being pushed out now so all you have to do is connect your Sony Reader to a Wi Fi network to get a notification about the update.

Or you can download the update to your computer and use Sony’s updater utility by following the links below.

Tried this on two different Windows 7 laptops and two different PRS-T1 readers.

From April 1st, 2017, the automatic software update server for the Sony Digital Book Reader will be closed down.

They say to sync your ereader to add the new titles to your library.