To anyone who would like to oppose mixed race marriage: What gives you the right? So as far as I'm concerned, blood only has one color: RED, and there's only one race: the human one," wrote Beer Man5000.

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It jumped again in 2014 – soon after the advent of Tinder.

Establishing causation is hard, though, because there are many other factors in play.

US black communities have stayed relatively stable in numbers and location.

And yet, in the last two decades the likelihood of black people being in interracial marriages in the US has tripled, says Ortega.

More than a third of marriages now involve people who met online.

Ortega and Hergovich claim that if just a small number of online matches are between people of different races, then social integration should occur rapidly.

PEOPLE often marry people who are just like them – similar in terms of social background, world view and race.

Online dating may be changing that, however, breaking us out of our existing social circles.

“Online dating is a great way to get out of our circles – not only race but also ideologies.” Not everyone is convinced that we can thank online dating for these effects.