You never again sit on the couch and watch our women’s national team, the beacon of success in our sport, being caught up with and surpassed by nations that we’ve been superior to for many years.

You’re donating to this campaign because you’re sick and tired of your kid not being able to get into the system.

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They shouldn’t expect any quid pro quo in terms of: I’m not getting your NASL team into Major League Soccer, I’m not getting your club team into the [U. Soccer Development] Academy, I’m not getting your kid into the University of Virginia [Martino’s alma mater].

You donate money toward my campaign because you never again want to sit on the couch in the summer and watch a World Cup without your team in it.

He has been well-known to American soccer fans since his days as a midfield playmaker in Major League Soccer.

When injuries forced him off the field in 2008, he grew into one of the nation’s most respected TV commentators.

I think it’s disingenuous to ask them to support me before I hear what they want, and what concerns them. But at this point I’m not talking about the people supporting me, whether they be voters or non-voters, because I don’t think that is important right now. The reason I brought Thierry Henry and David Beckham’s names forward with the letters that they sent for me is, I wanted to illustrate my reach.

There are many people around the world that can help us solve this soccer problem, and David Beckham and Thierry Henry are two people that care very much about the product in this country.

You donate because you think you’re over-paying for your soccer education and you want someone to lead us in the right direction, to train kids the right way and set them up for success — whatever success means.

Whether it’s enjoying playing the game, and learning about live through it, or playing Division I [college] soccer, or becoming a pro.

I’m going to get us all in a room, and the time for bumper sticker slogans is over. We need to create a document that shows how we are going to solve this soccer problem.

That two-day summit will be a tireless effort to leave with a piece of intellectual property that is public, that will be our mission statement on what I will do when I am in office.

I just wanted to highlight that it would improve the quality of candidates moving forward if it is a full time job that has a salary. That’s something that we desperately need right now within U. The first one is transparency, because we need to be able to know what’s going on, and we need to hold the president of the U. Soccer Federation accountable, and I think a salary goes a long way to doing that.