You wouldn’t want someone to lie on their profile about something that may or may not be a deal breaker for you.Honesty is always the best policy, online and offline.

You don’t want someone to fall in love with you under false pretenses.

Absolutely, as a single mother, you should never try to hide the fact that you have children; your children are a big part of your life.

According to Match’s blog, “single parents who have dated online had over two times the number of dates last year than single parents who haven’t dated online.” Furthermore, “Seventy-nine percent have dated one or more person in the last three months versus 75 percent of single parents who don’t online date.” Breaking down the success rate of dating numerically seems to gloss over the agony those single parents underwent in making online profiles to snag those dates.

There is no equivalent in offline dating to the gauntlet of choices when creating an online dating profile.

However, mentioning kids is different from writing a page-long ode to them. Here’s what our experts say: This is pretty tricky.

The problem with online dating is that things we consider in “normal world” to be preferences can be miscommunicated as dealbreakers in “online world.” Single parents are in a bad position online, since most members tend to default browsing members without children.

One-third of members aged 23 to 50 years old are single moms and dads ready to get back into the dating pool.

While not everyone has made the shift, those who have tend to get results.

Even though it may decrease the pool of candidates who might initiate a conversation with you, our experts overwhelmingly agree that you are better off being transparent about your motherhood.