It also serves as the perfect spot to have a romantic picnic with the Marina Bay precinct acting as a stunning backdrop.

Remember to bring along your kite for a day of fun as well. A Aquarium lets you get up close with manta rays and other enchanting sea creatures in its stunning ocean simulation.

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Why not attend an art jamming session at Cups N Canvas?

You’ll be provided with the necessary canvases, brushes, sponges and acrylic paint to let your creativity run wild.

Just let the dandy folks at Picneeds deal with the logistical matters.

After listening to what you have in mind, they’ll wave their magical wands and conjure a picture-perfect picnic set-up at a location of your choice. For more information click All those late nights at the office is probably taking a toll on your health (and relationship).

When you’re feeling peckish, just walk over to the adjoining caf Grab your partner by the hand, for nothing requires more trust than making sure that neither of you fall while skating on a bed of ice.

As a pre-Valentine’s Day treat this February 2017, The Rink at JCube will up its romantic ante by letting you ice-skate to love songs under magical snowfall.

A dog or cat can help you destress and bring joy to your life.

Instead of buying a costly breed, visit the SPCA and adopt one of their rescued cuties.

A hidden gem nestled in Golden Mile Tower, it features a curation of independent films that might resonate with you.