But 50/50 is good odds in the on-line dating game, so can't complain.

give it a go, my only advice would be: Be realistic ie.

in fact i am going to Kiev to meet a very beautiful woman very soon..hopefully she is the one).

Dont expect them to act like western women because they are completely different. Neither of who I was really interested in, but they were the ONLY two that actually used my home email, and I gave it to MANY women. They put an ad in Ukraine web sites, or newspapers. They're told to get professional photos, and videos. They're not employees, but more like 1099 contractors. Dear David, Please be informed that all the ladies with a “Validated member” badge on our website are verified, meaning, that we checked their passport details and video-applications.

It's starting to bother me that people can give this site good reviews. Telling you that you can find the woman you love here, is like telling you, you can make a good living buying lottery tickets, or scratch off tickets at the gas station. Yes, but the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of you, are going to lose! Some of the reviewers are calling the girls "models". They're paid a commission for everyone that talks to them. Moreover you can always exchange direct contacts with the lady using our service and continue communication off the website and make sure she is real.

So yes Anglo countries are paying these women HUGE money. The women on VH think the guys are ugly, but they keep the con going, because they need the cash! Sure, you can win the lottery too, but would you trade in your job for to be a full time lottery player? Spending way too much money and finally getting to talk to someone who gave me info. These women are either already married, dating or who knows.

I feel so bad for the guys who take Victoria Hearts seriously.

I am sure the website will still claim that she is a "validated member"..... The attorney for all these registrations is Stanislav Lobko, a Ukrainian/Russian surname!

You can choose to ignore all this, but to me it stinks to high heaven!

If someone met a girl from the site, can you share your experience, please?

If someone met a girl from the site, can you share your experience, please? They said if I don't get my credits they will return my money.

I figured the possibility of actually connecting, and I think I'd rather play the lottery! I have been to Kiev 14 times to meet 8 different woman i met on this site, all nice, all pretty, and all real, and all proper romantic dates.