She then did not come back home one nite as she was with a male cheating on me, her money went into my savings account, that’s adds up to £160..If i draw it out the bank that’s in my name can she press any charges against me for doing so?? Asap many thanks kelly Reply Some individuals just be talking out the ass. Reply My husband has 3 kids from a previous relationship.I still manage to save for retirement, not incur debt and keep a little cash tucked away but we definitely don’t live the lifestyle we would otherwise be able to afford. I’m sure there’s lot of families out there in this situation.

We don’t have excessive debts, just a car payment and two student loans. Do you put off saving and then “double up” the saving once the kids are grown? The only rare instance is when the new spouse is independently wealthy and the non-custodial parent is living a lavish life.

I’m able to put some of my check away into our retirement… Does he have to put his financial planning on hold for the next 13 years? But for everyday working people, the new spouse’s income is untouchable. His son was living with us and the mother was getting child support, good stamps,husband had been fighting in court for two years now.

THAT should have been a red flag to you and if HE had any intelligence at all he would get away from YOU before you end up knocked up because it seems YOU are money hungry and simple minded. All of you who are complaining about child support should have either found spouses who didn’t already have a family and the ones who complain about paying and being broke should have worked your crap out and not broken up your child’s home.

To those wanting to claim your step child as dependents on tax returns, you had better be sure you have a court order stating you have permission, as well as file the appropriate forms signed by the custodial parent because that is federal law.

So now I’m trying to figure out how I can stick it to those money hungry brats by trying to find out if I can claim one of the children and still file injured spouse on our joint return.

That way they can’t screw him even more with their back child support that was just ridiculous. I read an article of this greedy chick asking online of she is able to receive her ex husbands wife’s tax return to intercept it for her back child support she needs apparently.

Step parents better back up because those kids and ex’s were in his life long before you and they will still be there long after you are gone. I fully understand your point of view but it doesn’t take in to account that things happen.

If you truly love him, stop making his life hell by complaining all the time and accept the fact that he is a package deal and no matter what financial percentages the court imposes, morally, his kids are 50% HIS responsibility. Have ever done anything in your younger years that still haunt you in the current day. It is a way for the state/ government to receive monies from those support orders.

they really don’t know what the hell they are talking about. A year after the 3rd was born he found out it wasn’t his. One doesn’t work and her husband works three jobs to afford her spoiled brat lifestyle.

Moving forward……we are married with 1 child of our own now. The other has a masters degree as a teacher making ,000-70,000 a year and works a waitress job on the weekends making more money.

Me and my husband fight on a daily basis because he’s paying all this money to their mother that A owns her own business B drives a brand new Mercedes and we can’t afford to put food in our fridge. The second mom also lied on her financial affidavit when she originally filed for child support saying she only worked as a waitress when she was in fact making an hour as a teacher.