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The same reason sex features to heavily in the media. People, and especially world of warcraft players, are so messed up, that they feel the need to, the desire to, the strange lust to bother about other peoples things. But it's not, it's just creepy old men (I imagine).

They are a bunch of childs going around asking "WHY... What's also very strange to me is that people don't seem to care in any way who is behind the keyboard... The fact that people do not care about who may be behind the other PC, is because they refuse to know, because they want to RP, or simply because they do not care because it is RP.

In my mind ERP is the proper erotic roleplay where there's some build up between the characters ICly, generally higher-quality roleplay too.

Cybering is just sex with strangers in Goldshire, no build up and no thought put into the characters themselves.

It's enjoyable as well as really dynamic, and we assure that our online sex chat rooms will maintain you captivated for hrs at a time.

People prepare to speak about all kinds of things, consisting of roleplay, sex proclivities, sexual experiences as well as dreams. There are 10s of hundreds of individuals chatting in our sex chatroom everyday as well as in all hrs of the day.

We must be honest, a lot of it is just down right creepy. And Goldshire simply was closest to the human starting area, while close to Stormwind aswell. I had to go and make a char on Argent Dawn a few months back just to see what all the fuss was about. It just seems to be very seedy with heavily creepy undertones.

Because, simpy the majority of ERPers durig vanilla was humans. Peoples mind is fixated on other peoples sexuality, peoples mind are fixated on, how wrong that kind of sexuality is, or that kind of sexuality is, or how that sex position is just weird or whatever. I'd think it was actually quite cool/fun if it was based upon real RP'ing, with a build up formed on top of a real relationship...

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