I apologized for my actions in that period, and told her I would never use online cam dating sites again.

She did not know that I was involved in chat rooms for a long period of her marriage.

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She looked into my history when she I was caught cheating, and she found all the times I had been using chat rooms.

She even was able to look over the sexy chat room conversations I had with other ladies, and that really put her over the edge.

Others find this to be an unacceptable way to handle such personal matters and prefer to keep their private lives, private.

In both cases, the people looking for help with their problems will usually find what they’re searching for, even though they go about it in two completely different methods.

In my case, that meant living separate for a few months as she came to terms with everything.

It also meant a whole new personality change for me.

So there is a really good reason to salvage your marriage: personal development.

There aren’t many couples out there who don’t occasionally fall into ruts – when it comes to their relationship.

Sometimes the problem is caused by stress placed upon one or both partners by work or family matters, and other times it’s just that things have gotten – boring.

There are problems in any relationship, no matter how perfect it may seem to someone watching from afar.

I live in Long Beach, USA and I got caught cheating years ago when I got sucked into some dirty chat rooms and had some casual hookups for a couple weeks.