It is found in the bodily fluids of infected people - which include semen, vaginal and anal fluids and blood.

Some 95 per cent of Brits get HIV by having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.

Researchers from the European Centre for Disease and Control have compared diagnosis rates in 31 countries between 20.

As many as on in six new cases in older people is reported now, compared to just one in 10 a 12 years ago.

And today’s retail landscape is hypercompetitive, so many stores will be hesitant to risk alienating customers by charging extra for using plastic.

Games took so long to load, stories were slow and uninteresting, songs bored you to sleep.

Why not put in an at-home craft activity, or have them look at actual art by real artists?

After completing the "art activity", it wouldn't allow us to move forward unless we saved the darn thing.

My advice is to save your money, download a few applications for your tablet or phone.

If you can't do that, then check out Umizoomi videos at the library and check out a few beginner books.

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