We had gone out several times at this point, and seemed to get along even better every time.

My perfect cleavage was showing just enough to allow everyone to see that I had the goods and they were real.

They line up at the same height as mine even though I'm clearly taller and I'm unusually firm for my size.

Sexfight chat-74

Okay, fine, I'm the one who said I have better tits.

I meant to say bigger, but I was a bit drunk and that's an honest mistake.

Instead, someone stupidly made a comment about whose tits were better and the guys decided it could only be determined with a titfight.

Neither of us had any idea what one was but the horndogs did and they talked us into doing it at our place.

Nobody said anything else about it, as we all went back to watching the fight, but I did notice both Hailey and Darren giving me a once over with their eyes.

I can't blame them, Hailey probably hasn't been so clearly outclassed before and maybe Darren is so satisfied with her that he hadn't fully taken in just how hot I am.I can't believe I'm standing here, topless, facing Hailey in our basement.The discussion at the bar, and especially the discussion after the fights, went back to the comments about fit women with big boobs.She's not as defined as I am, and not as muscular overall, but she looks strong.My abs are a tight six pack while her stomach is more flat, but there's no fat on it.I was happy when my husband, Kevin, first suggested we go out with his best friend from work, Darren, and his wife.