As Emma, I catch the eye of a handsome stranger and imagine ‘the stranger’s hands on my body’. Next, Ryan introduces himself and Emma touches his hand by mistake: ‘He imagines it on more of him than just his hand, and grits his teeth,’ the app narrates. with a small space between them, his masculine scent wraps around her, and she yearns for him to touch her.’ It’s surprisingly immersive.

‘Many women are distinctly tonal, which means that hearing is their dominant sense,’ tantric coach Elena Angel tells me.

Those days now feel far away, but Pillow Play seems like a low-stakes way back in.

I used to wonder how anyone could fail to prioritise sex.

Surely it was as essential as eating, as breathing? Well, fast forward seven years and things have changed.

It’s about doing something small on a daily basis to reconnect.’ But I wonder if there’s also a market for an app that offers more genitally focused, hands-on instruction – I’m talking ‘do this, touch here, keep going for two minutes’ type of stuff.

‘Maybe,’ says my friend Anna, 29, when we meet for a debrief over drinks.

‘Particularly in those American accents.’ RATING 7/10 A bit corny.

I was more into it than Rob, but it certainly added a little zest and humour to proceedings. Pillow Play’s real-time advice is great for reawakening an emotional connection (the app’s stated intention).‘I’m not sure how much it did for me, except for building a bit of anticipation.But I’m open to most things and I was impressed by the difference it made to you.’ RATING 8/10 We had that welded-together love making where nothing else matters – more intense than usual.‘I work with young couples who complained that work, the constant burr of their smartphones and social media were getting in the way of quality intimate time. I decided to use technology to help people bring a sense of play, of adventure, back into the bedroom.’ The app offers a series of episodes, written by sexperts, which issue sensual suggestions to you and your partner. We choose ‘gentle awakening’ as our first episode, composed by a tantra specialist – hey, who doesn’t want to know more about tantra?In the name of science, I suggest a week-long trial to my boyfriend of seven years, Rob, and he’s thrilled. Unfortunately, the new-age soundtrack irritates my inner DJ, and as a voice suggests we breathe in time with each other, it’s hard not to feel foolish. I notice the stubble along his jaw, the line of his shoulders, the green of his eyes. It’s like the early days, when he was all that mattered.‘Move to sit on top of your partner.’ Obeying the voice, I start to stroke Rob’s face.