Sergey was very happy when the doctors told them that Olga was pregnant. She was working as long as she could, and her colleagues even began to joke that Olga would have her labour at the workplace.

I broke up with him because I knew that I preferred girls, but I couldn't act on it yet.

Once I did, in college, it confirmed that girls were what I'd always longed for, and it was then that I realized how much my body differed from theirs.' Still, I had no name for my difference.

Whichever condition Caster Semenya has, she shouldn't be made to suffer for others' mistakes.

Since infancy, she's been legally labeled, raised, and accepted as female.

I still had other issues I was dealing with -- namely: racism and homophobia -- so it took a year for me to embrace this additional minority status. I'd always felt strongly masculine and feminine, and now it made sense why these two presumably "opposite" traits existed, in me, side by side.

I didn't think being intersex was a bad thing to be.Later, when he wanted to give me estrogen pills at puberty to ensure that my body "feminized" (he told me that the pills were to make me grow taller), my mother objected, saying it was experimental and that I didn't need it. Thus, no one ever told me there was anything wrong with my body (that didn't happen until a gynecological visit when I was twenty), and I grew up loving it just the way it is. While many doctors would refer to my clitoris as "grossly enlarged," I have to tell you, having an overabundance of the only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is pleasure is far from a negative thing!I came of age sexually with my second boyfriend in high school.Resistance to accepting us has created the mess that Semenya now finds herself in.If medicine had been more upfront about intersex conditions rather than pretending they're just male and female as usual, they could have avoided ruining the career of some athletes.Olga even asked the doctors not to tell her the sex of her child.“We wanted it to be a surprise. However, Olga could not understand why doctors did not bring the baby to her.