Many people don’t put 2 2 together and realize that the sheets and pillowcases you sleep on daily are not only harboring dead We’ve given you the beauty trends you should expect to see everywhere next year, but what about the ones that are going to be seen on only the coolest of eyelids, cheeks and complexions?If you’re one of those types who likes to think outside the box and set the trend, don’t worry, we’ve got Do you ever find yourself stuck in a trance, endlessly scrolling through your feed for hours LOLing at memes?

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Lyda explained his behavior saying he had been drinking heavily at the time having consumed a a six-pack of beer and a half-bottle of vodka.

He claims to not remember having killed the kitten because of his drunkenness.

We always thought the best practice for hometown Tindering was just not to do it.

Nobody wants to run into their high school crush or their high school nemesis on a dating app. Almost six out of 10 Tinder users — 57% to be exact — use If you’ve ever wondered why your skin switches up on you out of no where and you start breaking out like you’re going through puberty all over again, it might be your pillowcases.

There are pretty clear indications of blunt force trauma to the head,' Lohmar said.