This sexy blonde and brunette enjoy working out at the gym, their big tits and juicy bubble butts are bouncing up and down to the beat of the music playing in the background as the girls go through their exercise routine, sweat dripping down their gorgeous bodies.

Learn when to read body language—you might think people are wearing headphones for music, but they're really just avoiding you.

There's no way all six of you are going to bench press and/or spot one another at the same time.

Egging someone on is part of your duty as a spotter, but when you're cheering and screaming like the Triple Crown's riding on it, it can get distracting for others.

There's no need to approach each training session like it's a title fight. We know your biceps are bigger than the average human head, but there's no need to throw weights, howl, and stare at everyone within range as if they all just farted.

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He’s never been much into physical fitness, but this is the type of workout he can definitely get into!

I get you're trying to get your workout in on a limited time but when we are both resting in between sets, it's awkward, and I'm trying to find 1,000 other places to look than you." – Diana K. “I don't appreciate it when I'm using a certain barbell, dumbbell, or weight machine and then a dude swoops in and takes it over and stays put between sets. If you need to grunt, just go down in weight...” – Athena L.

"When I'm doing any kind of bent-over strength training exercise and you're staring at my cleavage in the mirror. Move away and let other people work in between your sets.” – Lauren L. I hate it when they act like the whole weight-lifting area is their domain and they're allowed to smell like garbage! “When they ask to do sets with you and share the same machine or equipment. “I hate it when I’m in a class and during warmup drills the guy behind me is literally on top of me, about to run me down. Slow the hell down, or ask to go in front of me.” – Brittany S. “When someone’s sick—like whooping cough sick—and instead of taking the day off or working out from home, they’re hacking all over the equipment and spewing their germs.

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