I further explained Karen, that unless she owns the bank, we were not talking about her and that we are talking about institutions as a whole not her.

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In 1930, the name Bank of America was finally adopted after a merger.

In 1956, Bank America was created as a holding company for Bank of America.

I think as March gets closer, I will look into opening a new account at a different bank, one who encourages customers to come to their office.

Reply 12/1/2017 On December 1, 2017, I entered into Bank of America (WAS-132-01-01) to make a deposit into my landlord, Catherine Jones, account.

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I have a credit card (ending in #1815) that has a high balance of ,000.00 paid down to zero. Reply BOA doesn’t want anyone to actually walk into their bank.At that time I politely requested from Karen to please call her supervisor but Karen tells me she does not have to do anything and she is waving her right to not serve me.Karen proceeded to make additional comments about me being rude.Bank of America is currently the second largest bank holding company in the US. Martin Attorney at Law PO Box 27526 Omaha, NE 68127 [email protected] (402) 980-2200 Reply these huge enterprises have a lot to learn, you can’t pay minimum wage to under educated, rural people and expect to get cadillacs. the people who do the training should be retrained or fired for not establishing good honest practices with the people they are training.The Bo A network contains over 5500 branch locations and 16,000 ATMs. I have no bankruptcies, I asked for a much lower APR and was told this is the best I can do. If 18% is the best you can do, why do I want to keep my credit purchase and cash advance business with you. i find customer service individuals make up answers if they don’t have an answer or try to double talk you and blindside you. if you don’t have an answer then say so and get an answer instead of lying!!The manager and the teller apologized, and proceeded to take me to a third teller.