After initially claiming she had stabbed La Ferrara because he molested her, she confessed.She now claims that La Ferrara wasn’t her first victim and that the actual number is somewhere between 22 and 45.

“Instead, he told me that it was OK.” He still wanted to have sex with her.

Elyette Barbour, 22, is taken into the courthouse, Friday, Dec. Miranda and Elytte Barbour, newlyweds who police said wanted to kill someone together were ordered Friday to stand trial on charges they lured a stranger with a Craigslist ad, stabbed him to death after he got into their car and dumped his body in an alley.

Most law enforcement officials say her claim isn’t credible and haven’t followed up, although Miranda insists she can draw a map to the bodies and is waiting for the FBI to interview her.

Miranda tells her stories with conviction and appears to be sincere, but her mother, father and sister have all called her a manipulative liar.

Miranda says that as La Ferrara’s hand slid higher up on her thigh, she said the code words, expecting Elytte to pounce, but he did nothing. Police say she pulled a knife from the side pocket of her car door and plunged it into La Ferrara’s chest, again and again, 20 times.

The newlyweds then drove around for a short while, looking for a secluded spot to dump the body.

But first, Miranda says, she wanted to give La Ferrara an out, so she told him she had lied about her age, that she had just turned 16.

If he had done the right thing at that moment, she says, he would still be alive.

Since then, the teen mom from North Pole, Alaska, has been a constant source of media speculation.