I’m sure he must have felt deep, deep anguish and physical pain after his accident, but he had an enormous inner personal strength which meant he didn’t show his suffering a lot. And he was clearly enormously supported by his family and his wife, who must have been equally brave. It took three hours just to get Chris washed up and ready to be put in the chair. I was under the impression that she was getting better. When we were growing up, Chris and I would play against each other in hockey. You could just feel the energy from the crowd, it was so emotionally powerful. He was already this famous actor who had done “Superman”, and we didn’t even have agents.

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When Chris was injured there was no hope for a cure or the possibility that he would ever walk again. He had a passion to find a cure and an ability to move mountains, to create and inspire opportunities for the brilliant medical minds to find a cure for those dealing with spinal injuries and champion the rights for stem cell research. He told me “so many of us ‘able bodied people’ are paralyzed in our own lives.” He was not. I’ll always remember how excited Chris was after they let him take his [breathing] tube out. I explained that, with exercise and treatment, we can ward off the accelerated aging process that happens in these cases.

When our twins were born, James and I named one of our sons after Chris who was not only his godfather, but his role model for inspiration and courage. We put him on a bike and set up treatment so that electrodes on the skin could activate his nerve endings, allowing his muscles to contract. We soon became friends and worked together for his cause.

To Jim – I first met Christopher Reeve on the set of the first Superman movie being filmed in London. We met again in 1994, just a few scant months before his accident.

I was on vacation and had stopped en route to Egypt. It was at a show in Atlanta [called Dixie Trek], and again, his demeanor was like that of George, so gracious and so kind.

His focus on stem cell research, on getting himself better as an example for other people, was very inspirational.

I think we have lost a very brave and courageous and dedicated individual.Margot Kidder No one better demonstrated courage, strength, and dedication to others than Chris accomplished in these past hard years.The only fitting memorial is to be inspired in our own efforts by this remarkable hero. In a fantasy world, Superman is the best incarnation of our finest qualities.He was earnest and dedicated to making Superman so that he would not disappoint children or adults who had grown up with the Superman comics.Christopher really wanted to personify and become the character of Superman and I think he did that wonderfully.Gene Hackman Some rare human beings transcend our greatest dreams of wanting to be strong and bring freedom, good, and justice to the world. In the real world, Christopher Reeve is a true super man who will forever inspire us to strive to attain those qualities.