Howard Levine stepped down as CEO in January of 2016 after Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in late 2015.The chain currently has over 7000 stores in 44 states and opens 300-500 new stores each year.We will be driving 20 minutes to Dollar tree or to Walmart than to go to this store again as long as she is manager.

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I heard it had been closed since the night before at 5pm.

( a Saturday) They NEVER have anything stocked as the cashier is always at the register without customers.

, I went bank in the door the day after to purchase two new ,needed items.(bleach & White Vinger ) ,and was told to leave the store ,and not return !! Told me sut-up dammit 111 This not your binesniess ,you should mine your beniss . I said where is the manger, You don;t have to cuss at me ! I am here to complain about the Family Dollar Store in Cynthiana, Ky !

This Started about 3days earl-or(before) A lady had a purchase of Dove -Bar soap-bars.,as advertised on a sign in the eile . So ,a lady in the line used her phone in hopes of getting the coupons number ,in order to able the lady to speed up-the transaction he lady canceled the purchase. It is trashy clothes laying all over the floor , Items thrown every which way , Never no one to ask for help , The lady up front is always singing with her phone and dancing her name is Tammy ?

I’m not the owner and just coming to the store embarrassed me.

Just a reminder you need to visit your store unexpected just to see for yourself.You have one store in this small town and can do a lot of business there. She is not only rude to the customers she is also rude to her employees. The woman was rude to me and rude to my daughter in law. She wrote my daughter in law up for wearing her jacket in the store. She told her if she did not take it off she would have to write her up.A good manager would not make her employees work and her take off for Thanksgiving.Very unprofessional and I have been in the consumer and work force for many years.There is a vast turnover and new employees almost every week. I know that after today’s experience me and my family will not be going back.There are boxes everywhere and you can hardly go down an aisle with a cart.