That first evening I was horrified to witness Jenny come on to my friend.

After a while however she was feeling sick and wanted to throw up.

As for Jenny if anything she enjoyed sex every time even more than I did.

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I'm sorry but folks that's just normal when you marry a sexy young Asian.

We enjoyed sex in all positions; naked with or without panties or fully dressed.

She did not seem to mind that I was twenty years older than her, middle aged, slightly overweight and divorced.

She told me how much she loved me and that she would make a perfect wife doing whatever I asked.

I had met my stunning wife Jenny on an internet dating site.

Jenny is a very hot little brown Filipina girl of 26 years old.

The next day Jenny had a terrible hang over and hardly remembered a thing. She smiled back at me happily and kissed me, saying: "Lets go out to the bar now.

The only cloud in our marital bliss was Jenny's difficulty to adapt to her life here in the UK in spite of the many Filipina nurse and caregiver friends she had made. I want to see my cousin." When I went to get the hotel keys from her handbag, I was surprised to see condoms there and for the first time I suspected my wife of unfaithfulness.

We often watched hard core movies on the computer together while fucking, generally of two men fucking an asian woman and this made my wife cum hard.

I got off on the idea of my wife being fucked by someone else, and seeing her pussy filled by some fat cock.

She has gorgeous long flowing shinny black hair that cascades down her back all the way to her lovely shaped ass. Her hair is always meticulous, her blush and eyeliner neat and her nails painted red.