You don’t have to necessarily agree with the other person’s opinion.

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But if it’s a Bipolar swing then these feelings of disconnection may only be temporary. ” (Hard) In this example, we use fact and reasoning to get our point across. Bipolar Disorder (and other mental illnesses) typically distort our interpretation of the facts by tainting them with beliefs and emotion.

Why do I beat the drum so loudly about “fact” and “reality”? But, in the example, we are dealing with an emotional subject while not dealing with intangible emotions. Fact- Bipolar Disorder screws with a person’s emotions.

The exchange is wrapped up with a compromise that should suit whatever goal you are aiming for.

The Hard reply sets out the conditions and puts the ball into the Bipolar’s court.

I’m not suggesting that you roll over and be a doormat. If they refuse to follow through with the proposal or make a counter-offer; now you have “I offered to meet you half way but you refuse to meet me half way.” Bipolar: “It’s always about blaming me and my mental illness!

It’s never about you and what responsibility you share in it! What do you think I need to work on for our relationship?

You can use facts to derail these delusional thoughts by forcing the person to actually think about what they are claiming and are convinced of.

The more detail they have to dredge up, the more they think.

Fact- the person’s change of heart is relatively recent.